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(Even if you aren't ready to tell a story, come be part of the audience.  It's fun.  But be aware that some stories may include adult themes and adult language.  All potential audience members should use their discretion, especially those who care for young children.)


"The Big Thaw"

7-9 pm March 14, 2024

L/A Arts

168 Lisbon St. Lewiston

Free event - walk on in! 

Masks required.



Our March theme is “The Big Thaw.” Consider the thawings that have occurred in your life: the warming of relationships and friendships, and the messiness that comes with closeness and warmth. 


Think about ice and snow melting, and how, in between winter and spring, the sun can shine, rain can fall, and what was hidden under the snow comes to light. 


It’s MUD season. Think about how sometimes, when things thaw, they freeze again––more slippery and dangerous than before. 


Think of a time when you were on thin ice.


As always, take our theme descriptions as a starting point, but don't let them limit you. We invite stories that invert this theme in creative ways and go in unexpected directions.

No matter what, you have a story, and the rest of us want to hear it.  But don't come to give a general speech about it.  Come tell us a story.  Think of a specific time in which you figured prominently.  Reflect on your story.  Have the courage to go back to the emotions, and, most importantly, your vivid memory of the events that caused the emotions. Then, craft your story (here are some tips on how), and come to The Corner ready to tell it. We want to hear it.

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