(Even if you aren't ready to tell a story, come be part of the audience.  It's fun.  But be aware that some stories may include adult themes and adult language.  All potential audience members should use their discretion, especially those who care for young children.)


NOVEMBER 14, "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" 

Emcee: Julia Harper


Our tellers: 

Chomba Kaluba- educator, male model, humanitarian. From Zambia, Portland resident. Speaker on community building, inclusion, and overcoming adversity. 


Eryn Gilchrist- Data Analyst and Knitting Enthusiast.


Luke Lunt - Math guru, grand adventurer, and excessive sugar consumer.


Molly Ladd:  Maker, musician, and student clinician.


Jacob Morin- Lewiston High School student, teacher of compassion. Loves writing, justice, and all things strange.

“I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!” is a brand of...well, it's not butter. But it’s better than nothing--or, is it? Anyway, it’s our willing suspension of our disbelief that allows us to spread this stuff on our toast, and to pretend that we can’t believe what we know to be true: this is NOT the genuine article. If there’s any food that has impostor syndrome, “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” is it. 

This month, we ask you to think of stories having to do with that genuine article, that REAL best thing--and all the substitutes we put in its place. Think about what is real, and what is fake in your life. Have you ever been an impostor, or felt like one?

Have you ever found that what you thought was real, was actually merely ideal? When have your illusions been shattered? Whom have you idolized? When have you been idolized, and by whom? What were the consequences?

Is the real thing always what’s best for us? In the case of butter, maybe. But in the case of truth? Have you ever been mislead for your own good? Did it turn out for your own good? Does it still hurt? Did the ends justify the means?
Your story may also take the lighter side (70% less saturated fat!) of this theme. Tell us about food. What’s the last delicious thing you ate? Have you ever had a meal that you know will never be beaten? Have you ever quested after a treasured flavor, or a perfect recipe? Have you ever fallen for a food fad?
Feelings around food can also be deep and painful. Have you or someone you loved ever gone hungry? Have you struggled, or seen someone you love struggle, with eating or hunger? Does the struggle go on? Is there a food you just can’t stomach anymore? Why?
Take this theme description as a starting point, but don't let it limit you. We invite stories that invert this theme in creative ways and go in unexpected directions.
No matter what, you have a story, and the rest of us want to hear it.  But don't come to give a general speech about it.  Come tell us a story.  Think of a specific time in which you figured prominently.  Reflect on your story.  Have the courage to go back to the emotions, and, most importantly, your vivid memory of the events that caused the emotions. Then, craft your story (here are some tips on how), and come to The Corner ready to tell it. We want to hear it.


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