(Even if you aren't ready to tell a story, come be part of the audience.  It's fun.  But be aware that some stories may include adult themes and adult language.  All potential audience members should use their discretion, especially those who care for young children.)



Join us for the kickoff event of our live virtual storytelling season!


Thursday, February 11

7:00 pm 

Zoom platform


Register here for this free event. 

We will continue our collaborative Corner - City SPIRIT L/A community conversation series with the theme "You Can't Get There From Here." You can think about this month's theme in terms of access. When have you been able to make it to the places you need or want to get to? What got in your way?

When you think of the phrase, "you can't get there from here," what does "here" mean to you?  What does "there" look like? What’s the distance between them? Have you ever found that indeed you can't get there, and what was it like to find that out?

Come listen. Come tell.

If you would like to share a story on this theme, please email your 5-minute video to cometothecorner@gmail.com. Here are some tips on choosing, recording, and submitting your story! 

Announcing a new partnership


In 2021 we have a very special shortened season in collaboration with the good people of City SPIRIT L/A. City SPIRIT L/A is a collaboration between partners, leaders and voices in the community to advance equity and empowerment in the cities of Lewiston and Auburn. 


As you know, our Corner season has been on hiatus due to the pandemic. We can’t imagine a better way to kick off 2021 than by sharing our storytelling with a larger movement to break down barriers and imagine a bright future for our beloved Lewiston and Auburn. 


What does this mean for The Corner? 

The Corner will carry on as usual next season (hopefully in person by Fall 2021! Boy do we miss Guthries!) but from January - May 2021 we will host a virtual season in partnership with City SPIRIT L/A. Those folks are working with us to choose timely event themes, find tellers, spread the word, and help host and facilitate the online events. We look forward to the opportunity to expand our community, though we will value the support and voices of our regular tellers and audience members more than ever this year! 


What’s on the calendar? 

There will be an online meeting on Thursday, January 14th to introduce the season and our team of collaborators. In February, March, April and May we’ll be back to our second-Thursday-of-the-month schedule with stories on a different theme each month. 


Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks and months. As always, we can’t wait to hear your stories!


Take our theme descriptions as a starting point, but don't let them limit you. We invite stories that invert this theme in creative ways and go in unexpected directions.
No matter what, you have a story, and the rest of us want to hear it.  But don't come to give a general speech about it.  Come tell us a story.  Think of a specific time in which you figured prominently.  Reflect on your story.  Have the courage to go back to the emotions, and, most importantly, your vivid memory of the events that caused the emotions. Then, craft your story (here are some tips on how), and come to The Corner ready to tell it. We want to hear it.

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