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One definition of a corner is that it's an intersection where two streets come together.  If you're going in one direction, a corner is a place where you can turn to go a different way.  It's also a place where you might unexpectedly encounter someone coming from a different direction.


Every good story is much the same.  It goes one way for a while and then, often surprisingly, it turns a corner.  Or it reaches a point--a corner--where it brings the reader or listener or protagonist into contact with someone unexpected.


In many neighborhoods, corners are also places where people gather.  As they gather, they tell stories.  And so it will be at this corner.


The Corner promises to be an occasional night of storytelling, much of it via an open mic.  In much the same spirit as The Moth Radio Hour, we will feature storytellers, most of them local, offering up short, true, first-person stories.


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